4 Corners Flooring Nexgen SPC Luxury Vinyl Golden Sunset 9" X 60" 6.5mm SPC Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring, 18.9 Sqft/box



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Performance Features

100% Waterproof

  • SPC flooring is 100% waterproof, which you can install in every room in you home.
  • You will not worry about the blisters and inclusions problem, the SPC flooring is anti-mildew even in high humidity

Stain Resistance 

  • The surface of the flooring is covered by a PE wear layer, and is specially treated with a double-layer UV coating.

Super Anti-Cigarette

  • For the surfaces of other flooring materials, such as carpet and ceramic & the wood flooring, a burning cigarette can stain and destroy the flooring. The surface of our SPC flooring has a top wear layer and UV painting. If a burning cigarette falls onto the floor’s surface of the special UV coating will protect the surface, and the high temperature of the burning cigarette will not leave a mark on the of surface of the floor.

Scratch Resistance

  •  The scratch-resistance index on the surface of the floor reflects its ability to resist sharp scratches.
  • Our SPC flooring makes use of a UV paint which contains metallic oxide inside. This ensures the scratch resistance of the floor.


  • Our SPC flooring is made with 100% virgin vinyl materials. This guarantees the very strong bending strength
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