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    Memories of South Black Marble Waterjet Mosaic

    Material:Nero Marquine & Brass
    Sheet Size:12×12 inch
    Thickness: 3/8 inch
    Color: Black, Gold
    Product Type:Mosaic
    Sold By: 1 sq.m
    Price changes based on the size and quantity.

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    Blistering weather reminds people of misty South.
    Remember it was an early spring, walking in the rain with an umbrella, every piece of wall tells old stories. Chic eaves are hided in the fog, only the floating heart on the quartzite showed up bringing spring breath.
    Far from the madding crowd, accompanied by the fragrance of lilac in the air, this is the scene of South in my mind.
    The idyllic landscape of South probably can only be expressed by natural stone veining. Waterjet lines show the uniqueness of the South, simple but elegant.
    Memories of South, hope you will not cling to the past, hope you will be peaceful in the future.

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    Dimensions 12 × 12 cm


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