Floor Levelling and Grinding by Priority One Flooring Professionals®

We provide grinding services and sub-floor levelling for preparing the floor for a new floor installation and allow better drainage for floors that are uneven.
We can help get rid of floor coatings and old floor surfaces, prepare the surface ready for polishing or staining, prepare floor to be levelled for new floor install, make the floor surface level, floor preparation such as getting rid of dirt and sand.Uneven sub-floors are one of the main reasons behind creaking floors and damaged floors. Our expert technicians offer years of extensive professional experience in sub-floor levelling, grinding, and delivering exceptional service.
Our expert team possesses skills in providing exceptional preparation services to make sure that any flooring service you want is performed the exact way you want it and at an affordable rate.
If your floors are sloped, uneven, or have settled over time, we can install Concrete over your already established floors and in just a few hours produce a flat and smooth floor.
Priority One Flooring offers services such as concrete grinding, self-levelling compounds, concrete pouring, sub-floor repair, and patching. Concrete grinding and sub-floor levelling services that can be applied in various places such as commercial buildings and industrial buildings as well.
We provide grinding and sub-floor levelling services to residential, commercial, shopping malls, hospitals and intuitional buildings such as universities. Contact Priority One Flooring for a free quote.

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